Mr Robot Finale Poked Fun at Business Insider

Convershaken Staff
April 19, 2016

The final episode of Mr Robot contains a subtle knock against Business Insider for making typos in its stories. When protagonist Elliot Alderson searches for 'fsociety hack', the words 'seem' and 'conglomerate' are misspelled in the result linking to the media giant's story. There's also an extra space or two between the first and second sentences. In contrast, descriptions for articles from Buzzfeed and other publishers don't contain errors.

However, when Elliot clicks on the link, the same words in the actual article are spelled correctly (screenshot on Business Insider). Perhaps some intrepid hackers took the opportunity to poke fun at 'big media': Business Insider's backers include Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and German digital publishing giant Axel Springer. The latest trailer for the paranoid thriller's second season can be seen below: